Daughter first…Mother second!

We often look at being a parent as our first job. We seek to do everything we can to make their lives more comfortable, better than what we had. This is all good, but what happens when you are trying to make their life better and neglect what made your life “not that good”?

I want to be the best mother for Jake, but the only way I can do that is by being the best daughter of the King! I need to seek His will for my life ABOVE ALL and then all other things will follow. I need to heal the wounds of my childhood and my past and then I can love Jake as the Father loves me!

I, unfortunately, got this concept a little later on, but I am Blessed for it because now I can grow with my son and he can see a transformation that ONLY God can make! If you are not yet blessed with children, take this season to take inventory of your life and see what it is the Lord needs to heal. If you already have children, what a great living testimony you can be for your child(ren)…and possibly just the encouragement they need to seek the Lord in their own life!

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