Oh, Lord, help my unbelief!

Sometimes, we get to a point where we think we are doing so well and we do our best not to boast or be prideful in that growth, but it somehow creeps in. Then the Lord, in His faithfulness, allows something to remind us that although we have grown, there is still so much farther to go.

The past couple of days, I find myself relating to Paul when he says in Romans 7:15,  “I don’t understand what I do. I don’t do what I want to do. Instead, I do what I hate to do.” I look at decisions I’ve made this week, that I thought were God-led, just to find out they were not and feel disappointed. And although, the Lord knows my heart and knows I had all the right intentions, those whom I’ve hurt may not. So, my lesson for this week: sometimes, our growing pains don’t only cause us pain…and sometimes “I’m sorry” just isn’t enough!

Side note: This blog has become more like a journal for me. I want to be an open book. I am a woman who wants, with all her heart, to TRUST the Lord in EVERYTHING! But I still struggle…I want to be able to believe that once “I delight in Him, He will give me the desires of heart” (Psalm 37:4). “Oh, Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)

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