Building a Legacy…I hope!

Originally posted on on August 17, 2010. How awesome to see where I was a year ago today!

I just finished Ruth: Love, Loss and Legacy by Kelly Minter. It was an amazing study and I had so many great moments where God was revealing Himself to me. It’s message addressed the question “do we trust God enough to follow Him?”

One of the most memorable lessons came on Session 3, Day 2. It spoke about humility and how “nothing prepares us for enormous blessings and impact like a season of humbling.” Kelly wrote how we should “be encouraged that humbling seasons are for our ultimate benefit, though they are painful and, well, humbling.”

In June of this year, my painful and humbling season began. I felt led by the Lord to quit my job and pursue a career in nursing. I felt His arms wrapped around me telling me it would all be okay. The peace was so overwhelming, I jumped off the cliff and straight into His arms.

When I jumped, I assumed He would catch me and then put me down to go off and “do for myself”…I have not “done for myself” since my last day of work. I have not had the means to pay for a single bill myself, but, by His grace, He has provided. I have learned to push my pride and shame to the side and get to know my Jehovah Jireh because He has truly become my Provider. No words can articulate how real the peace that surpasses all understanding is!

The path I am walking is difficult and not many understand why a single mother would choose to take it, but I have seen a glimpse of what He has for me on this path and I am excited to find out more.

The Kelly Minter’s study on Ruth, not only showed me how to praise God during this season, but how He promises not only to bless me for my obedience, but those who will come after me as He did for Ruth.

What a GREAT and MIGHTY God we serve!

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