Swallowing my Pride…

I can be very prideful and asking for help is sometimes quite hard for me to do. I often don’t want to impose on anyone or make anyone feel obligated to have to help me, so I often don’t ask, but this is one of the times, I need to ask because it isn’t for me. Well, technically, it is… 🙂

I, along, with some awesome people am planning fundraisers. One of the fundraising ideas is a nice dinner with a silent auction. We are working on the venue, but really need items for the silent auction. This is where it gets hard for me…if you own a business, or know of someone who owns a business that is willing to donate their services and/or product for a silent auction, I would greatly appreciate you considering donating or asking on my behalf.

If you cannot help with the silent auction, but have ideas on other fundraisers and are willing to help out, please let me know.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, encouragement and help!!! I, honestly, could not do it all myself.

P.S. We just received Jake’s passport today!!! YAY!!


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