Gotta be honest…

When I first talked to Nelson and Rosemarie about going alongside them in ministry, they asked me if I had already established a ministry I wanted to take down there. I said no. I know what my passion is, but a laid out plan or ministry? Nope!

I must admit after that conversation, I felt discouraged and disorganized. I felt the call to move alone wasn’t a good enough reason to just up and move. Boy, was that a lie from the pit of…well, you know!!

As time continued and I tried to rely on His leading more and more, I learned my obedience to go with “just the calling” is MORE than enough and everything else will be revealed when it is time.

The past 24 hours have really begun to answer the questions of what is my purpose and what ministry do I want to take to Guatemala, but that doesn’t mean I know it all, yet. So, I go along with what I have and trust everything will come as I need it…It’s kind of nice not needing to plan everything myself! 😉

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