Be still…

So, I apologize. I have already missed a day  of blogging. I hope when we move to Guate, my life becomes more exciting than it is here! Until, then, we wait…can you here the jeopardy song playing in the background?

During this “waiting” thing I am doing, I believe what the Lord has been prompting me to do in my everyday life (as I sit at home and do nothing) is to enjoy being in His presence.

You know the warm fuzzies you get when you’re at church and you are worshipping and praying and studying His word? Well, why can’t we feel that the other days of the week? I think because the sole purpose of going to church is to STOP and Praise God! So, why not STOP and Praise God every other day?

I want to start spending time just reading the Bible and chatting with the Lord for no other purpose than to just spend time with Him. In the same way, I want to spend time reading the Bible and chatting with the Lord with my friends. Spending time in the Bible and praying is the only way we can truly sharpen each other!

On the Guatemala front…making great connections to start really planning some fundraisers! Praying for the Lord’s FULL direction!

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