Never going back to okay

Originally posted on on September 16, 2010

The Friday before we left Guatemala…

Mariela (Fellow translator/Guatemalan Resident): You know your nursing skills will come in handy in the “field”.

Me: Field? You keep talking like I’m gonna be a full-time missionary.

Mariela: Mark my words, you WILL be a missionary and we will one day look back at this day and see all God has done.

Me (to the others that were in the circle who were not part of the conversation because we were talking in Spanish and they are all…gringos): This girl just said I’m going to be a full-time missionary. She better shut her mouth!

Cheryl (Pastor Willie’s wife): Maybe you should open your ears!

Me: (My jaw was on the ground so I didn’t say a word.)

So, who knows, Jake and I just might be in the mission field full-time someday…and I am SO READY!!!!

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